At DASH, the health and safety of our employees, as well as our customers and partners, is of primary concern.  We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely & are confident we can abide by locally imposed policies while continuing to seamlessly support our customers’ business operations.

Many of you are looking to Dash to uphold your business continuity plans—whether your offices have closed or might close in the future, or perhaps your employees are working from home. Others are looking to us as a potential solution—you’ve found your business unexpectedly disrupted and are wondering if Dash can provide solutions to help keep your business moving.

For existing Service contact clients – we will continue to prioritise your support requests and deal with as many of them remotely from our office (as we have always done).  

For non-contract clients – We will process your support requests as normal and where possible deal with them remotely (where previously this was not an option) and you will be charged at the regular hourly rate.

With these measures and expansion of remote support services, we hope to reduce the risk of both potential infections of our staff onsite and also eliminate dash technicians as an infection source.

Work from home –  if you require the setup of key personnel within your own organisation to have the ability to work from home we would advise making contact with us via to organise the provision of this service.  

Name:  Shane Dullaghan

Date: 10/03/2020