Buying a second monitor may provide the best return on investment in terms of productivity and general computing comfort. The expanded desktop real estate is great for work activities, like comparing documents, writing emails or articles while referring to online research, and general multi-tasking.

A second monitor can help you gain up to 50% in productivity and be happier while computing ( life happiness is not guaranteed!)

Improving Productivity

Microsoft’s Research Center’s findings indicate that users can improve productivity by 9% to 50% by adding another monitor to their computing environment (depending on the type of task).

Whatever the actual percent productivity increase, adding a second monitor may provide the most productivity “bang for your buck:” you can get more done in less time for a relatively small investment (all most PC’s require is a VGA upgrade along with the 2nd monitor – monitors start from as little as €60)

Not to mention that working with a larger display area just makes working on the computer more comfortable. Even think of comparing having a second monitor to a chef doubling his/her kitchen countertop space. More room and workspace mean greater working comfort, which directly translates to better productivity.


Two Monitors Are Better Than One

With a second (or third or more) monitor you can:

  • Switch between applications more quickly — Instead of using keyboard shortcuts, like ALT + TAB to multitask, just point your mouse to the other screen and save a lot of time.
  • Segment your working tasks, as Bill Gates does, with one screen collecting the stream of incoming information, another focused on what you have to do at the moment, and possibly another for additional task needs.
  • View documents side-by-side for comparison, research, or cutting-and-pasting. Since some monitors allow you to rotate the screen to “portrait” view you can dedicate one side for reading or reference material and the other for your working document.

How to Add an Additional Monitor

Trust us, you won’t regret adding a second monitor, and it’s pretty easy to add a second monitor on desktop PCs.

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